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Hatchett Insurance Blog

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  By Kyle Hatchett Here are a few things I wanted to share today:   1. From WSJ's Daily Shot: Numbers always make more sense if we can visualize them. This helps.     2. We've talked about Cyber Insurance before. This coverage is going to become more and more important in the days to come. READ MORE >>

by Kyle Hatchett   Let me share with you the best financial advice I ever received. It doesn't cost me anything to share this advice, because it's been given away for free for years, on the radio and on the internet. It's Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps. Take a look at the link before you read on. READ MORE >>

What is Pure Risk? (And what do I do about it?)   By Kyle Hatchett Last week, we talked about how there are two kinds of risks, and that one kind is insurable, while the other is not. Speculative risk, a risk in which there could be either a gain or a loss, is not insurable, because the possibility of gain entices people to take on more risks. READ MORE >>

What is Speculative Risk? And why is it not insurable? By Kyle Hatchett     Since insurance is all about defending against risk, I think we should talk a little more about what risk is and what kinds of risks there are. Last week, I gave you a brief, working  definition of insurance: READ MORE >>

We are happy to welcome Kyle Hatchett back to the agency after an extended leave of absence. While his wife Diana worked on her PhD at the University of Kentucky, Kyle worked at a specialty insurance brokerage there in Lexington, then served as a small business insurance agent for Cambridge Insurance. READ MORE >>

What Is Insurance? Everybody knows what insurance is, right? Maybe you do, but when is the last time you tried to explain it to somebody? If you had to explain it, how would you do? Insurance agents like us deal with insurance all day, so asking one of "What is insurance? READ MORE >>

We're excited to have once again retained our Best Practices status from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America! Over 1500 independent agencies across the country were nominated for this, and we qualified for the honor!  READ MORE >>

What is the Blackout Period for Social Security? Widows or widowers and children, termed, "survivors" by the Social Security Administration, are eligible for survivor benefits if the surviving spouse is left to care for children under the age 16. READ MORE >>> READ MORE >>

Why you haven't bought life insurance: 1.  You don't want to think about the process.  Thinking about dying and what will happen. 2.  You don't have time.  You'll get around to buying life insurance some day but not right now.  It is a low priority. READ MORE >>

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